New Booze: Glen Garioch Virgin Oak

by Camper English

This November, whisky aficionados will taste the character that marks the first Glen Garioch expression ever to be matured solely in virgin North American white oak casks. While American bourbon whiskey must, by law, be matured in unused, virgin oak casks, Scottish distillers have always favored used ‘ex-bourbon’ barrels, believing that the oak in its virgin state would be too overpowering for Scotland’s more refined and delicate whiskies. Intrigued by the prospect of matching Glen Garioch’s rich hearty character with virgin American oak, the distillery laid down a small number of specially created casks. Made from the inner heartwood of 100-year-old oak trees grown in the North American mountains, each barrel has been heavily charred inside to activate the wood’s vanilla and oak spices in readiness for the maturing spirit. 

Glen Garioch Virgin Oak is offered at 48% ABV and is non-chill filtered. It is set to arrive in the US this November with a 1,038 bottle allocation for a suggested retail price of $109.99. 

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