New Booze: Korbel 12 Brandy

by Camper English

Korbel Brandy is excited to introduce Korbel 12, a limited-edition California brandy.

Made with premium grapes, this brandy was distilled in a copper-lined still, aged for a minimum of 12 years in hand-coopered Appalachian oak barrels and blended from individually selected barrels.

Just 1,800 six-bottle cases of Korbel 12 California Brandy were produced for this inaugural release. It is available in select markets at a suggested retail of $39.99.

Korbel has produced California brandy since 1889. Korbel 12 joins three other brandies in the Korbel portfolio: Korbel California Brandy, Korbel V.S.O.P Gold Reserve and Korbel XS, which blends Madagascar vanilla, orange essence, spices and cane sugar.

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