New Booze: Ron Navazos-Palazzi Cask Strength Rum

by Camper English

Navazos-Palazzi announces the release of their Cask Strength Rum bottled from Oloroso casks. The rum is 15 years old. It was distilled in the southern part of the Antilles, aged five years there, then was shipped to Jerez (most likely as a payment in nature for sherry casks shipped to the rum distillery) to further mature. The rum was then transferred into freshly emptied oloroso sherry casks and aged for an additional ten years.

The rum was bottled this summer at full proof, 51% ABV.  It is available for an SRP of $180 in the following states: NY, NJ, CT, MI, FL, NV, LA, CO, CA, WA, DC, TX, TN, IN, IL, NC. For more information, visit

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