The Most Important Meal of the Day

by Warren Bobrow

The most important meal of the day, as we all know, is breakfast.  But what should happen if we choose to drink our breakfast before we eat it?  Well, in my professional Cocktail Whisperer’s opinion - it would make for a boozy day indeed!


Sometimes even a pro finds out that they are a bit under the weather after a long night prior.  What should the imbiber drink for medicinal and restorative purposes?  I recommend a Milk Punch.  It doesn’t make you overly tired, in fact it does the opposite; it revives you!  What is this magical elixir made of?  Well, down in old New Orleans you might find a Milk Punch prepared a number of ways.  The classic Jerry Thomas method uses both rum and brandy along with superfine sugar and cold, fresh milk. I seem to prefer the more modern adaptation frothed with only a bit of ice cold milk, some cream, a flavoring agent (vanilla), a spice (nutmeg), bitters and finally, bourbon.

Somehow the feeling of the cool milk caressing the inside of your throat as it slips ever so quickly into your stomach becomes quite beguiling.  Imagine a hot morning where the humidity is rising along with your ardor.  The air is suddenly stagnant and the sounds of the birds outside seem very far away. Your stomach rumbles hunger but your thirst takes over and the liquor cabinet is closer than the front door to your apartment.

In your refrigerator there is some cold milk and thick cream - across the room in the cabinet there is a box of dark brown sugar (of course you have this) and the ice in the freezer was made by using water filtered through your Mavea Inspired Water Pitcher.  (The cubes freeze almost crystal clear when I use water filtered this way.)

Inside the liquor cabinet there is the usual muddle of assorted glassware, but this cocktail requires something like a wide mouthed - Burgundy-style glass to fully appreciate the healing nature of the ingredients. There aren’t small amounts of liquor in this drink so beware my friends.

Historically, the milk punch is meant to numb the experience of the night before and open your palate to the day in front of you. The last time I was down in New Orleans, it was for Tales of the Cocktail.  There was a fleeting opportunity to enjoy a hand-crafted milk punch.

The Carousel Bar at the Hotel Monteleone has been known to offer their good customers this very rich body reviver.  Their milk punch involves the use of both milk and cream so the texture is all at once elegant as it slips down your throat.  They also seem to use a bit of vanilla extract along with plenty of dark sugar syrup. Nutmeg is always scraped over the top in a tip of the hat to the Caribbean or at least to the soon to be hot day outside. Bourbon is my intoxicant of choice although I’m sure they would add whatever you desired as an augmentation.  I use an Absinthe wash in my personal recipe to give a depth of flavor unknown in the original amalgamation.  Bitters also enter my recipe - although they are not used at the Carousel Bar. They keep it pretty simple.

My Cocktail Whisperer Version of the Bourbon Milk Punch is named the Cabilido Cocktail after the imposing architecturally stoic, former city hall.  I envision this cocktail to be as strong as the heavy stone that makes up this historic building.  If you have too many of them at once and you walk into a stone wall, you’ll know what I mean immediately.  Please drink responsibly!

The Cabilido Cocktail (Milk Punch, Twisted Cocktail Whisperer style)


Bitter End Mexican Mole’ Bitters infused ice - Please note: I filter my water for ice through a Mavea “Inspired Water” pitcher then drop about 20 drops of these expressive bitters right into a one quart container.  I then freeze as normal overnight for the firmest ice.  I also make sure that I hand cut the ice using a hammer and chisel. Preparation for two highly potent reminders, or to help you forget the night prior!

Wash two Burgundy-style glasses with about a ½ oz of Tenneyson Absinthe with ice/water   to chill down and wash the glasses

Pour out the wash when glasses are nice and frosty

(I would recommend that you pour this ice/water and Tenneyson Absinthe mixture right down your throat!)

This is a stirred drink so add to a beaker about 3/4 fill of regular ice 

For Two Persons 


Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

Vanilla Extract

Dark brown sugar simple syrup

Fresh Milk

Fresh Cream

Stir to briskly to combine

Add the Bitter End Mexican Mole’ infused ice cubes (essential to hand cut) to each glass before pouring in the milk, cream and bourbon mixture over the flavored ice

Scrape some fresh nutmeg over the top and sip slowly to your demise

Danger Level 4 out of 5.  Danger!  Danger!

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